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#1 2016-08-28 23:56:02

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windows 10 crashed

Did the free Windows 10 update. It worked ok for a couple of months then started locking up. No longer had option to go back to windows 7. Me not being an export figured it could be that hardware was to old. Replaced motherboard and chip (they no longer make motherboards for chip I had). Things started working again. Now it was saying I had invalid key. Called Microsoft and am told key wont work anymore because of new hardware. The person with the strong Indian accent decides to use the key for windows 7 but thinks it wont work and he is right it dosnt, but now windows 10 is locking up again. No longer can get windows 10 for free. I guess at some point i will add windows 7 back on losing everything i had on it. My oldest brother likes linux. That was the other reason for upgrading. Older board would not load Linux. He suggested Suse Leap. I managed to get it loaded about two weeks ago. Not what i am used to but have figured some stuff out. Managed to get Et Legacy to download today. Cant seem to get the brightness to work (I like screen bright). Everything else seems to be working fine. It looks like i have a valid key. I dont play as much as used to but at least im back. Can someone bump me up if I have a valid key. Thanks guys and remember "You Get What you Pay For"


#2 2016-08-29 01:02:09

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Re: windows 10 crashed

Wow, that's a bummer!  Linux is good, I had a brightness issue with etlegacy on Linux too.  I solved it byyyyyyy, changing the resolution, I think?  That or try going into windowed mode to see if that affects it.  It happened to me with custom resolution + full screen.  If you email me right before you jump on I may be around to set your level back!

Windows anniversary edition shouldn't tie you to the hardware anymore.  A bit late to tell you now, it sounds like, but there's apparently a way to move the license to the new hardware. … -hardware/

I haven't tested though.. just heard about it.  I run Linux (actually a chromebook, but I use crouton for playing games).


#3 2016-08-31 01:14:49

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Re: windows 10 crashed

Sorry for your bad luck with the upgrade, I hope Linux works well for you.  If Latch isn't available I will fix your level if I am on. 

I have had problems with Windows 10 too.  I think I'm going to roll back to windows 8, I had it working fine. Before I upgraded, I made a mirror image of my drive though just in case I didn't like it, and I don't. My computer crashes all the time now but my computer is fairly new.  I guess I'm lucky that ET is not one of the things that makes it crash though.

Hope to see you playing soon!


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